Utter Darkness

Many a man question what darkness is, where does it come from where does it go?

How can the darkness transcend upon us who so frivolously bestow,

evil deep within our bosoms of woe. We cry the more... Save us.. Save us we plead! 

One thousand times a thousand repeating yet only for a short time does the sorrow succeed. 

"Relieve us from the night!" Echoes a man deep within his chamber, hoping the darkness enshrouds 

him no more.. Yet without thought, without deed he alone doth suffer disease. Pangs of death encircle 

his being, he then becomes enslaved to the darkness, as doth all who swallow their pride. The man thus 

dies, living a life full of pity, regret, utter pride and vain glory. Thus it seems... we all too are perceived, living 

a life but one moment until all is unseathed. What shall befall us, shall we linger in disease, shall we 

live our daily lives like this man full of glory and pride? Darkness of darkness, death upon death, utter 

destruction the world all has laid. Soon our time comes, welcome it so, or thy life lingers till the cock commits it final crow.

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