The Usual


Franklinville, New Jersey
United States

My heart grows weak from the pain and the suffering of this cold hearted world i sit back and wonder why i have to be so lonely like an oyster with only one pearl all i want is someone to hold and someone to love someone who’s pure and someone to bug i need my heart to be set free like Matthew, Mark, and John did the dove cause this imprisonment is killing me ive been through to much, the fake girls who use me to much i rid them of their problems, i show them respect, i fight their battles, i comfort them in their time of need but as soon as their happy...they dispose of me yeah im a piece of shit, i know, walk all over me, do what you want, because inside i feel like dying, see im a rare breed, i smile, i play around, i take care of others but when it comes to my problems... i just throw them under the covers see im 5’11 240, a big strong man...but inside im 5’0 120, just a frail ass man my heart is growing weak, and i don't know if i can take much more for our relationship to mature, but by then im out the door, because ive been down this road before, and i swear this is my last tour, because i don't want to hurt anymore, and i know whats in-store, me with a broken heart, crying to myself because i just let down my guard knowing the consequences but still i disregard and let you in because i am a man with nothing, but im soon to be a man with nothing within...

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