Using Me

Everyone says I need to get over you
But I can't seem to convince myself were through
We're done
We're over
Just wish I wasn't sober
Wish I could delete the thoughts
From my head
But somehow
Those nights
Of lying in your bed
Are more prominent with every passing day

No matter how much I hate you
I berate you
Your always there
But you don't care
I doubt I'm on your mind
Doubt you have the time
To think about the girl you screwed
Then fucked over
And left behind
Knowing I wouldn't take the time
To try and push something that's never gonna move

No, I'm the strong girl
The independent one
No need for a man
Cause I got a plan
But I don't anymore
And I'm not sure
How to be who I was
When who I am seems to revolve around the absence of you

We would talk all night
And I knew it wasn't right
You loved her
And she said she loved you
But there was nothing to stop it
Besides your own stubbornness
It created this mess
Where it wasnt cheating
But it was still a lie
Still something to hide
Still something I did
Because though it hurt
It hurt less then living without you

Or so I thought
But now I'm caught
In your trap
Playing your games
But there's no prize
Because no matter how big the size
Of my heart
It'll never be big enough to make up for your lack of one

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Corrie Pearson

Thanks for sharing, good poem!

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