Regurgitating useless facts while sitting in class, 

A place of memorization not learning.

A test of my boredom, an abuse of my freedom. 

I am waiting until when something I learn becomes useful in life. 

See this paper! See these grades! 

I have become a GPA, a letter grade, a transcript, a number. 

In here I am no one special than the other person that sits next to me. 

In here the system is flawed and weak.

I have come to learn, to be excited with words and numbers, history and science

But such a place becomes a bore, a burden. 

I am here now because i have to be here. 

I cannot move forward without graduating from one place to another,

higher learning is to be acquired by grade and not by your own person. 

It's not about you and what you can achieve, 

its not about how you will be later in life.

Cause you see the system is flawed and weak, 

we let students regurgitate and memorize what we memorized and regurgitated.

Students are nothing by pawns, a business

No wonder why are education system lags behind many

Because this country's education is nothing.

The students feel as they are nothing,

Because they are taught nothing, 

But useless facts. 


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