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Education is a beautiful thing
But only if you’re doing something useful
What does that mean?
It means business, science, and math
Or so society says
“What do you Study?” is what I hear
And excitedly I say, “Theater!”

My excitement is met with blank stares.
I can see the words cross their forehead
What’s she going to do with that?
But she get’s straight A’s!
Why doesn’t she study something useful?
I see all this but they reply with only, “Oh.”

Society does not tell me what is useful.
You can learn science, but unless you do something with it
It is not useful.
You can study math, but unless you can calculate accurately
It is not useful.
Theater doesn’t just teach theater
It teaches me to read, to write, to think, to argue, to express myself.
What use is business, science, or math if you know it, but can’t express it?
No use.
No use.
I decide what is useful.
Society does not decide for me.


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