"The U.S.A. Could be Better"


United States
40° 1' 15.7044" N, 75° 43' 31.8684" W

Look at this world
What do you see,
One great nation we’ve made today?
We have claimed achievement
But we must see why-
Some stories differ from side to side
Horrors and wonders have built our world
We must never forget the world’s dark side!
The Holocaust took hundreds of thousands of lives;
Took the breath right out of their lungs
Some turned away-in denial
Most knew though-that it was real
The USA said, “Immigrants come to us,”
“We’ll save you from the Nazi camps!”
The world looked down on the genocide
Countries reached out to protect the small,
The world pulled together in a time of need.
We need to remember this event in history
History like this should not repeat
So America said, “Let’s go to war!”
Nations agreed and stood up tall
Hitler died and his followers cried-
The world was better without the Communist power.
Together these nations defeated evil
Today, we shall strive for equal rights,
We are all human with lives to live
So join the movement to break the walls
Dividing race and gender and different backgrounds,
Humans have rights-
So let’s strike with justice
Be our guide!


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