you said when the stars aligned the dots would connect us deeper baby,
miscalculated astronomy to where we're weakened baby,
love was bought proving empathy at its cheapest,
trying to rekindle the days when we were creeping,
infatuation was steep,
but now a days life is bitter than sweet,
my mind often drifts to the time where we would first meet,
we grew distant,
mistook love for lust,
every stroke lessened us until we had forgotten trust,
almost animated life after some unprotected stuff,
it was both of us... both at fault,
I will always love were words stuck in a condoms thoughts,
in the unhooking of your bra,
and the lining of panties,
then along came a spider bite of realities... truth
stuck in cupids noose,
would never truly understand the loosing of you,
until it hit me,
to be continued...
_Shaun Poet


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