This is Us

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 17:56 -- riahlee


He was the nerdy cute boy,

and she was the new and unfamiliar.

He was shy and so was she

But somehow, together they came to be.


They had a relationship that had respect and honesty,

along with trust and loyalty.

With time came arguments and uncertainty,

 along with anger and jealousy.

They soon realized, this wasn’t healthy.


They started communicating and fixing their problems,

one by one.

Soon, they communicated and trusted one another again.

They ditched their insecurities,

Which allowed them to sacrifice and respect.

It was finally right,

This was their love







These are all aspects of a healthy relationship that’s full of love.


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Fitzy Marlote

The more mature the love, the healthier there relationship will be.

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