Us ♡

There is a sickness within Us, that gained control of Us. Took the lives of the best of Us, introducing Us to the worse in Us, destroying the trust we had between Us. Burnt the bridge bridging the gap between Us and sunk the love boat never sent for Us or meant for Us. There will always be an Us. Exsisting in the beautiful memories shared between Us. Carnage and destruction left in the wake of Us. Now the party is over, the ball has dropped on Us. Curtains closed, lights dim, the show is over for Us. There was no obvious chance in the survival of Us. I only saw the dream I created for Us. Instead of the reality of Us. When it was good, it was great, they didn't know what to do with Us. Together we shined, like a moth to a flame, the attention was just drawn to Us. The beauty in Us, fed the beasts within Us. Taking Us from Us. Fighting through the dark where it led Us. Sickness and madness created Us. Manipulation guided the sickness between Us, with Us, by Us, and against Us. My heart will always hurt for the lost dream of Us. But I have to let go, love me, walk seperately, F*CK Us.

This poem is about: 
My family



i just cried

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