(unwritten letter)

I am learning

to love, feel, inspire, forgive, forget, 

express, emote, persuade, multiply, 

divide, add, subtract.

(ha): I am learning.

Which means I am trying.

I do not want my feelings to be undermined.

"You do not have the right to be

(insert emotion here)."

Yes, I do.

You cannot tell me how to run my body.

how to tell my cells not to cry,

how to tell my nerves not to shake,

how to tell my brain to function.

Who are YOU to have the right?

OF COURSE, you can emote,

but you may not and will not respond to me in a hurtful manner

[expecting me not to respond].

because BOY, are you in for something.

If you tell me you don't care about me.


If you tell me no one cares about me,


If you tell me i'm not worth caring about,

Okay Jose.

But when the rainfull in my tears, the earthquake in my shakes, and the rumbles in my eyebrows come tumbling down,

Frustration is an eleven letter word. Eleven stands behind the glory of ten, and even though it is more, it is still undermined in all its accomplishements. But, eleven screams for the underdogs, the heartbroken, the sad ones which see the light but can't seem to get others to believe.

I may not be good at rocket science, but I am learning. And all that subtracting, adding, dividing, and multiplying taught me that 11 is one more than 10. And no matter how many systems use ten, how many people talk about ten, or how many times American children learn to count to ten in Spanish,

Ten can NEVER amount to eleven. Why?

Because eleven, with all its heartbreak and people surpassing it, will all the emtions it goes through because babies can't learn it, and with all the zeroes it can't conjure, will always persevere and be more than ten.

So, when you ask me why I am so passionate about everything, and I tell you frustration:

Sometimes, frustration is better than a happy life.



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