Unweeded Gardens

A rose in an unweeded garden,

will be stronger than a rose in a weeded one,

for all the hardships it was made to go through,

will make it more resilient, no longer naive to the outside world.


a man who grows up in the city

will know not the blissful ness of country life,

and though hardwork seems the same on the outside,

manual labor and paperwork are not the same things.


In this small world, is many worlds,

of culture, civilization, and class,

where bizarre techniques are used everyday to the extent of our knowledge,

we know not where we see fit.


so even a rose who survives the harshest winters,

may bend in the most warmest of springs,

may become brittle in the coolest of frosts,

can still go on and survive because a rose is anything but a rose,

a rose from an unweeded garden is still the best.


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