There is so much beauty in the chaos

Smoke dances through posionous air, only after waging internal wars in a pair of blackened lungs

There is so much bliss in that destruction


There is so much elegance in corruption

A display of all human and nonhuman emotions within the span of only seconds; there is unstillness

What glory is that attack


What's another day? What's a little more pain?

Blood will spill from shaky limbs again; the knife knows I can't feel without it

So what's one more pain? One more cut?


Scars are evidence of suffering

And there is nothing more godly

There is nothing of more strength

Than the beauty of these fading days and fading scars


Time will press on indefinitely, despite the darkness

Light will come again

And what goes up, must again be pulled violently to the impenetrable ground


Balance. Neutrality. Objectiveness.

Darkness is just as gorgeous as light.

Day is just as necessary as night.

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