Kinda sad how the media has most of us fooled.

We are attracted to publicity and what looks to be cool.


Expensive brands that ride around in expensive cars,

they seat women whom fill big bras...

Pretty women! And they brawl

to get attention

then eventually feel a  dunce

At least once!

Can we not forget to mention

we should be promoting positivity, respecting the grind

chasing big dreams, WE ALL HAVE ON MIND.


The Bad Girls get air time while the good girls stay out of sight.

Reality television stories encourage clubbing through the night.

Short dresses, skin tight

Foreign weaves that be just right.


Again, what is broadcasted out here does not concur

to the values in life I truly prefer.

I confess I indulge 'cause its pure entertainment

but my chase for success will remain in arrangement


To embarrass ourselves and then point the finger..?

starting rumors 'til they linger

around the way lies up and down

Twitter beef? and Facebook? Clowns...


We have to do better!


Just look at black love...

it seems we fear the commitment

Baby mama's and daddies thrive on drama and resentment!

I hate

but DO NOT regret to admit it.

My values are different!



with support and optimism I will be sure to shine.

But it’s not just about money

to be successful I mean,

It comes from inside and establishing well-being.



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