ANGER seems to engulf me, as he tries to destroy me.

Disturbed it seems all I will ever be.  A hot temper love to visit me, while peace seems to be afraid of me. But either way it all looks bad to me. Harmony is all I ask for, but that seems to be too much.

His deceitful ways, she seems to be blind of. I just wish a third eye could see what I see.

But when I ask, she says that it’s not reality.

                A child is beaten without a touch, I guess I’m just a diamond in the rough.

It’s been so long, I’m tired of singing this sad song.

I’m tired of feeling alone. This house is not a home, it’s an asylum.

He’s not as big as I am. No matter how hard he tries.

Even as I cry, behind my teary eyes is a fighter. I stand tall and remain strong.

I am unbreakable. I may have scars but, SO WHAT!

Soon I will be in my own home, safe on my own throne.

Far as I’m concerned he already cut his own throat.



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