Until My Last Day


So I am

Living, breathing, moving,

What for, who shall move me?

I move myself, but why?

I watch myself from time to time

Watching in awe, who am I?

I am no one, but really I am everyone.

You see everyone wants to be one of a kind.

However, to be one of a kind, 

you mustn't be one at all

So there I am

And here I shall stay

Watching over myself the only way a soul could

Because who I am and who I once was

That's frightening, I feel petrified

Frozen in my thoughts, surrounded by no one but myself.

People may ask me who I am,

but I cannot answer.

Because, who am I? I know nothing about who I am

or who I am meant to be.

I walk the fine line, each day a new page,

each year a new chapter.

When shall the book of myself end.

Don't we all wish for an answer.

You shall not find it,

I have searched and searched

And I am still always going to be the man i once was.

I am, well, I'm nobody.


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