Until I Am No Longer

Fri, 04/08/2016 - 20:59 -- lululiz

It’s not what you want to hear,

So I won’t tell you now,


But someday maybe you’ll see

We're both better off without me.


It’ll be hard as Hell at first--

At least that’s what it would be like

For me

If I lost you.


But life is already like Hell for me,

And I think you’d be fine eventually.


I think I’d be better off away from here,

Not having to gasp for air.


And I think you’d be okay,

And I think I might finally be happy

All alone,

All by myself,


Far from this claustrophobic island,

full of people

and yet so empty.


So I'll go all alone


Just me.




Not thinking



No more pain

No more stress

No more exhaustion

No more memories


Finally rid


Of your depression,

His depression,

Her depression,

My depression,

Our depression,




Finally done,


And no longer thinking--

just being


just being


just being

until I am no longer.

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