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Sometimes I wonder

If you remember that night

Of his pilgrimage

And my sixth grade graduation

When we were yelling through the door

And I told you to go away

And you said you would kill yourself

And it would be my fault

Because I was immature and difficult

And I made you afraid,


And you walked away,


And I screamed

Because I didn't know what to do

And I thought I would lose you

And I screamed loud through the door

(the one Mom kicked a hole in when I was five)

And I begged you to stop.


And you came back

And you stood outside the door

And I heard you say,

And I'll never forget,

That you really would do it

If I told anyone about that night


So we finished the movie

And you said you were sorry

So I said that I was too


Because I was.


But you never said what you were sorry for

And neither did I

And neither of us asked


And I was afraid to ask

Whether you meant what you said


I held on for years

As I wondered if you meant it


And I thought it would be my fault if you did.


I cried in the shower that night.

I think you heard me.


And I think you half meant it,

And I think you were half trying to make me feel bad,


But I'll never know

Because I never asked

Because it's not polite to ask--

Family and church taught me that.


I cried myself to sleep that night

(And every night for a week--

At least)


And I still cried years later

Because I didn't understand

And I was angry

And I was sad

And I didn't understand


And I never told a soul until now

Because you said you would really do it if I did,


And I think I hated you a little for it


Because I loved you

(I still love you),


And because I idolized you

(Thank God--

If there is one--

That I no longer do),


And because you scared me

(You still do--

Though for different reasons

In the past few years)--


But I said you didn't scare me

Out of guilt

(But more out of fear),

But you told me I scared you.


And you didn't seem to care if it hurt me

Like I cared if I hurt you


So I never asked and you never told.


But I don't think you would have done it.


And that made me angry too

Because I believed everything you told me


And I think that, maybe (hopefully), I knew it wouldn't be my fault.


But I never asked

And you never told me.


I hated you for saying you would kill anyone,

But I hated you more for saying you would do it to yourself,

And I think I would have killed myself too if you had done it--

Which I’m not sure if you realized,

And it made me angry as Hell.



I would have rathered you do it to me instead


And I hated you for making me wish you would kill me first


But I hated myself more


Because I loved you

(I still love you),


And I idolized you

(Thank God--

If there is one--

That I no longer do),


And I loved you

(I still love you)

And I idolized you

(Thank God--

If there is one--

That I no longer do)

More than anyone I have ever loved or idolized.


I wish you told me you wouldn't do it


And I wish you told me it wouldn't be my fault if you did


And I tried to make myself believe that was true

Because part of me knew it couldn't all be my fault


But I never asked

(And I never will)


And you never told me

(And you won’t,

Even if you remember).


Sometimes I think about it,

And I wonder if you ever thought twice about what you told me


But I always believed what you told me


And I think I'll always believe what you tell me


Because I still love you


And I’m still scared of losing you.


But I doubt that you ever thought twice

About that night.

This poem is about: 
My family


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