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Growing up, you plan a life for yourself, but how can you be sure?
I'm so unsure.
One day, things seem to be going great! But you don't know what will happen next.
I'm so unsure.
It's easy to say what you want, but not easy to know what will be.
I'm so unsure.
You don't know what life may hand you, but be prepared,
Even if you're unsure.
When you expect the unexpected, and learn from your past, and be reflective
When you can turn around a frown, and look up when things are looking down,
That's when you've become the one who's unable to fail.
That's when YOU become the pilot of your own ship, and YOU direct the sail.
All I can hope is to be the best version of me, and ooze confidence,
Even though I'm so unsure.


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