Thu, 01/23/2014 - 10:51 -- 14akern


Gushing life. Dripping in crimson

Raindrops bestow forth from the grey

The sparkle in Your eyes betrays so much more

I look up at You as You cry out from pain


Pieces of iron in hand and in foot

Tears dispense from Your wrists

They mock and they spit

With nothing to say

I used to look up at You as You cried out Your love


You were not always like this

You were seen as the King

You healed

You held

You lived

You loved

You showed me the Power

You showed me the Way

Now drops of scarlet steal all of that away


Where roses once bloom

Now thorns pierce instead

You are the rose

Once praised now dead.

Now all goes black

Your love now cold

I looked down upon You as You cry out no more


The ground consumes You in its inescapable thirst

A stone placed in front to hold You at last

With my heart so shattered and the lies so clear

I have no where to look

For You are not here


Three days go by

In the utter black

The ground starts to shake

And the Stone is rolled back

The angels rejoice

And footprints appear

I have no where to look

For You are not here


They say that You rose

That You are living again

That You had spoken the Truth

That You had defeated even Death

Yet I can not see

So I do not believe

I have no where to look

For You are not here


Now You are in the room

And You reach out Your hands

I reach out and touch them

For You truly are here

You have risen

My Lord

You have set me free

Now I look up and praise You

For You have saved me…from me


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