Unrequited Love

Loving you is like trying to cash a voided check

The daunting weight of everyone looking as I try

I formed the line and filled out one of those pink slips

Yet I was utterly and effortlessly denied


Its like shopping with no money

Forced to stand around looking helpless

Always being asked if I'd like anything

So instead I take to the windows  as my favorite form of purchase


Yet is it one sided because I have not braved to shout it out?

Though I believe I already know your answer

Silently mouthing the words as if you could hear the shapes of my lips

Silly me...


I assume your waiting for your prince

Well I guess I should have told you,

As a child my mother used to call me her little prince

So could I be yours?


Maybe your just not sure what it is you want

Oh believe me when I say, "I understand"

I guessed that I hold myself too high in regard

Thinking that I'd be enough for all of your needs


Bare with me,

But I'm just sick and tired of outweighing your love

Our uneven strokes has left our boat moving in circles

If only you had the urge to put forth more effort with me


Hmm, well its a fate I'm well versed in

So i'll continue to be my confident self-assured self

Who knows, maybe you'll Walk hand in hand with me someday

Til then, I'll continue to hold the weight for two...


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