Unreal Love


You held my hand so tightWe watched the stars all nightBut still I realizeThere's something in your eyes. The way you say you love meAnd that we are meant to beIs killing every piece of meIf you could only see. There's no doubt you really careBut it's your heart you can never shareAnd though you tried your best to love meIt's just not meant to be and so I set you free. It's hard for me to let goBut it's the only way I knowTo spare you from sufferingAnd to save my heart from dying. It's true you want my happinessBut it's time to be honestAnd as much as it hurts I'm going to say it nowIt's time for us to break our vows. Still I thank you for everythingAnd it's your love I'll forever be missingAnd now that I have to goRemember what we had was never a show. I love you dear and so I fearYou'll be miserable if I am nearSo take this chance and explore the worldLet your heart be your sword! Goodbye my love and be happyI'll be fine you have nothing to worryTake her hand and you will see,That I was never your destiny!! 

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