The Unraveling of a Lover

Everything is concrete

In a world where he loves me.

Laughter is more booming

And sun's rays zooming,

Burning, smiling on our peerless pairing.


I can now say I slept

Without knowledge of depth

Where love can take thee.

Our love is a filigree;

Not without intricacy, but all the same entrancing.


If he were to go,

Everything would grow dull,

Muted, saddened, melancholy.

The very thought of separation has rendered this poem chaotic.


NEED is a peculiar word.

What does one actually need?

First-order priorities come to mind:

Oxygen, food, and water.


BUT, his absence would dishevel my world.

Food would lose taste,

Water would not quench

And oxygen would be suffocating.


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