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Green veins
Not blue, her warm tone can't show them
Those veins reminiscent of cold ice cubes and running streams on hot, hot days
Something so pristine that can even be captured in their eyes
Starring into the depths of her black-brown eyes
Her black-brown soul
Reminiscent of muddy and soggy school shoes trudging through the dirt to reach higher grounds
But she can't
It's those green in her veins that screams "Money is the relief!" contrasted with her black-brown eyes that sigh: "But I'll stay here for time being..."
God is willing, God is willing, God is willing
Willing to answer a young girl's prayers to be elevated, to reach for dreams unachieved by those like her
She cannot yet gain the privilege of greater entities, as if she would ever try, even dare, to follow behind
See, they have no muddy tracks left in the ground for her grind into, she must be the first to walk it
Walk an untrodden road to success that still won't be success compared to the others
The others that get relief on those hot, hot days
Reserved for them, those blue-eyed, blue blooded creatures
Who have it all
While she


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem
continue to build and develop your skills


I have never read a poem so beautiful. I love it! Great job.

inspired artist

Wow just wow. You are very talented


Love it!!!!


I really liked the purpose of the poem and you have some really beautiful moments in there!


There are those of us

Who don't look first

For the colour of veins,

Of skin,

Of eyes.

There are those of us

Blue-eyed as ever

Who've given up on the light.

Our only priveledge without cost

Is our talent.


You have talent.


beautiful poem truly. I feel what you're saying. I feel like the girl in the poem. A young black girl trying to succed in a capitalist unequal America. We all start off with different disadvages or advantages. But those with more setbacks than the ones who get to start already halway up the moutain. We have to keep going. The jorney is a long one.


love this. we all feel like this and sometimes we always do.

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