unmerited favor.

it’s totally pride

and god, i’m scared out of my mind

to be known

like i have some devilish secrets to hide

the fear is crippling and only draws inward


but this soul’s designed to reverse the cycle

of death and decay

with light, life and revival


when all i’ve seen is temporary things fade

my heart stutters in the steps of the trusting game

but a game it is never, if the partner never falters

if he should be king and lord, and true rumors of such a good father


my heart is raw and sometimes jaded

from the reality of what things that actually are,

not just facts from the hidden trap of enslavement


the chains are off; i’m out of prison

but the Man who paid my ransom wants to keep giving


he moves, I respond

yet he doesn’t leave

just because the battle’s won

he wants more than victory

he’s after my very heart


in all its richness, in all its filth, in all its hang-ups, insecurities, and guilts,

he wants just me.

simply stated, purely true


this God of the universe, whom i crave, whom i long for,

is after me, to be known by me.

and he wants to be known by you, too.





That's truth that's ovewhelming and crushing in the best of ways. I'm sharing this, just wanted to let you know that God's using your words. 

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