The UnLost Cause

Hinder all of this towards your way,
Not my way, but your way, but one’s way,
Have the time ready ,
When you learn to count time,
If that’s ironic enough,
Then tell me what’s freedom?
Refer not to rights,
Refer not to perception,
Refer not to rationality,
Refer not to discovery,
Neither refer to any imagination.You can’t see past me,
Can you ?
I didn’t tell you to,
I wasn’t the subject nor the object,
All you had to do was pick up that book,
And throw it away.
Insignificant significance wasn’t mean to be your way,
However, you didn’t know that,
You had to not know that,
Knowing nonsensical illusions weren’t your curiosity after all,
I sensed this dogma all along,
I have no control over your birdcage though,
Your bird has to remain within your grasp,
Cause that’s what you need as your sole pet.Take me away,
Said I never,
Take me away,
Rip off that mask that you once gifted me with,
Get out of all the barriers that you once called home,
It wasn’t ever meant to be within what was impossible,
For I told you:
Exist within, not without,
Substitute the dogma away,
You weren’t lost, anyway. 

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Our world


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