The Unknown Story of My Side

I have gone through many sufferings of,

false words that were put into my mouth,

friends that hoped I would not succeed,

trusted ones who poke at my insecurities,

& buddies that no longer took interest in me.


Despite all of the pillow stained tears, I

stayed strong throughout false accusations,

held my tongues against the fake friends, 

stayed the bigger person to the frenemy, 

& became dependent on my own company.


Despite my past miserable experiences

and unfavorable obstacles I took on alone,

her comment had left me lost for words.

"She wouldn't understand," She said like

the cold gust of Minnesota winter wind.


She was wrong, I was not ignorant at all.

Everyone else was just unknowledgeable of

me, my occurrences, & my side of the story.

Nobody was willing to listen, nobody cared.

Only I, know the unknown story of my side.

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