Unknown Identity Part 4

They ask me

“Who are you?”
Well let me tell you

“No one knows my struggle

They only see the trouble

Not knowing how hard it is to carry on

When no one loves you”

Tupac said this

And I feel as though it describes me

Growing up my bio dad wasn’t around

I felt as though I had to bow down

To get his approval

But for now I leave it to rest

I leave it on his deathbed

My mama always used to tell me

If you can’t find something to live for

Then find things throughout the day

To make it through the day

Also to find something to die for

I never thought I would find

This motivation deep inside

Now is my time to shine

Shine up above the sea

And show the world

Who Sierra really is

Sierra is no longer

A liar

A stealer

Or a manipulator

She is someone who is strong



Someone who is compassionate



And so much more

I hope this journey brought you into my mind

And I don’t want to waste all of your time

I am going to end with this

I am the leader of my pack

I am the leader of my soul

Never doubt me

Because I will prove you wrong

The moment you turn on me

Is the moment I will disappear

When you need me I will always be there

I am the leader of my pack

The leader of my soul

Whenever you seek me

You will hear the whispers of my soul



This poem is about: 
My family


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