Unknown Identity Part 3

I am a wolf

You wonder “Why a wolf?”

Well let me tell you why

I create my own home

The home within myself

I am the leader of my pack

The person who will take action when it needs to be taken

Most importantly the leader qualities in me

Are make me who I am

When one of my young

Are hurt or broken

I go and see what is going on

I tend to care for them

And bring them back to life

Even in there darkest times

Wolves are a pack

They will be there when I am in need

I care for my young

Just like they care for me

I am mysterious and wise

The world is like my playground

To where my mysterious mind comes to play

I wonder what’s life would be like

If I was someone who wasn’t really there

Or if I went into the future and saw my own home

The mysterious mind can be tricky

Tricky in a way it is hard to explain

Like putting sheets on a bed

If you don’t apply it right

Then the sheets will come off and bug you at night

When I say I am wise

Maybe not like Albert Einstein wise

But wise in a way that when you talk to me I know what I am saying

Sometime though my words don’t match up

Showing that honesty is something I work towards

I am taking a step back and counting to five

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I become more alive

Think before you speak

Is what they tell me

But I truly do want that part of me

To show integrity

Time to do things the right way

Like a wolf

When they make mistakes

They get back up and do it better

Better then the time before

A wolf is sneaky in all they do

Like when they go to hunt for prey

It’s like me going throughout my day

I find many things to bring me up

There’s things in my mind that are quite rough

I don’t share those things because I would

Try to be sneaky in certain actions I take

If I keep those in then I am certain to stray

Stray away from all my problems

And not see my life for what it is

That is why I choose to stay

So as I lay

The rest of this poem to sleep

I hope you learned

About the inner and outer parts of me

In the next part I will

Tell a story that no one shall know

You ask me

“Who are you?”

I shall say I am the unknown secrets

Of the door behind you

When you open it you will see

Unknown secrets for you to keep

These secrets are built on my childhood stories

The stories that have impacted me

Now let’s leave this story right here

And find out what happens

When the future appears


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