Unknown Identity Part 2

They ask me “who are you?”

I am someone who is smart

Not book smart

But someone who can make decisions

I know are right for me

There are many aspects of this you may see

Another thing that makes me me

Is my eyes

Look into them and maybe you’ll see

The world or a jungle and some trees

Like a tigers eye

Very unique

Very bright and can bring out many untold discoveries

In the eyes there’s many stories

Of the unknown or the known

The unknown is who I am

Every day I surprise myself with things I never knew

About myself

And about others

Today I discovered my beauty

Within my body

My soul

The inner parts of me and even the outside parts of me

I am a beautiful angel

With hidden secrets of the unknown

But as you come around me

You will become an angel of my own

You will see the known of me

The known that I may not see

Within myself and the parts

That I ignore

These are the parts of me

The parts of my past

That I do not accept

In the future it will be accepted for what it is

I am self control

To control the things I do or act on

The things that keep me motivated inside

Is my love for music

My love for family

My love for the arts of dance

My love for my future and what I want to become

My internal motivation is becoming a better person

And seeing life for what it is

Each day there is something new that I bring

That I am so unaware of it

But working towards showing

My awareness is becoming better

You ask me one more time

“Who are you?”

I am someone who is smart

Someone who is capable of my own actions

I am someone who is beautiful like a starry night sky

My eyes are like the stars at night

They shine bright like a million fireflies

My eyes are as beautiful as the moon rising up above the sea

When you gaze into my eyes

Maybe your life will be complete

Think of me like a wolf

You will see why

As I continue this journey into my mind


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