The Unknown


When people keep asking you the same question over and over again

How am I supposed to answer that ONE stupid question if I don’t even know the answer to it?

People assume that I know what I am doing

But once they know that I have no answer for them

They act so surprised

But when I turn to friends they all say

Listen to your heart

But what if my heart isn’t telling me anything?

That’s when things get sticky and messed up

The unknown is a very scary place to be in this world full of choices


But even though your heart tells you the answers to your questions

It might still be wrong and it might get broken

What are you supposed to do then?


So when the same questions and problems come up again

You try to use your brain to be smart about answering them

When you think you have the resolution you start over analyzing

Which can bring back you into the same place that you are stuck in

The unknown is a place where you don’t wanna be


There is no doubt about it; you will always end up in the unknown

But my question is, how do we get out of this mysterious spot

That we always put ourselves in

Without always getting hurt one way and another?


Well this might help out a bit

Sometimes, you just have to leave the emotions out of the way

Somebody once told me that you just have to

Do everything with your brains and not with your emotions

Which will still lead you into the unknown


Well it’s easier said then done

When you're in that mysterious dark unknown

Place in your life

And very desperate to get out of it

Just go to the source of the unknown

Ask questions to try to untangle the strings

Once you can get some straight answers

You have some answers instead of none

Its hard to be straightforward

Trying to face your unknowns, all fires blazing

But in experience that’s the only way

To escape the mysterious dark unknown space

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