Age 5, his innocence defies life.
Age 8, he's smarter now, I wonder what'll he be. A fireman? Oh, we'll see.
Age 12, alive and well. He's soaring through hell just to make it to heaven.
Age 15, he rebels. People call him a juvenile delinquent.
Age 20, he starts slinging drugs.. Only to be met by his maker.

His peacemaker.
The same peacemaker that murdered 3 other "juvenile delinquents".
The same peacemaker that supposedly brought "justice".
But all it has done, was brought weeping mothers to be shunned for her son's actions.
While his actions may be reprehensible..
He doesn't understand that things are consequential
Maybe we just live in a world that's non essential.
But the world doesn't understand that he was lost trying to have potential.
Maybe he just thought he could change the world by bringing his peace marker.
His only knowledge of peace.
He told his story to God and God said
"Those who search for peace will find peace in the walks of life. But those who find peace in a gun, will not let others see that same sun that you once saw before. The gun darkened your life, the sun will only just brighten it. Show others peace and I'm sure, they'll be delighted."


This poem is about: 
Our world


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