The Univited Shadow

Wed, 10/22/2014 - 18:58 -- pajyang



So we look at life all

those moments wasting time. 
Always ending them in strife,
putting life on the line.

Like an enslavement,
you’ve become a stepping stone.
Just like another road pavements.                         
Just another way to their throne.

But you just got  to stay strong,
show them that you’re proud.
Show these people you’re not wrong.
Let your image go through the crowds,
they’ll never take down.

Throw the biggest  smile,
put the fears down.
Let them pass by the mile.
Never turn your back around.

You’ll become a trend.
Put your feet back to the ground                     
and soon you’ll ascend.                       

And when they frown,
show them up,
back them down,
and toughing up.

This is where you belong. 
Wear the crown.
You just got to stay strong,
show them you’re not their clown.

You’ve become greater than who you think you are.
Cause, you’re not alone.
Higher than a star
and you have grown. 

This is your mission,
there’s no time to quit,
no time to audition.
Don’t let these feelings split.

Don’t let these moments fly,
Theres no time.
Don’t let people patronize.
It's your time to shine.


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