Universal Fantasy


Eugene Public Library
100 W 10th Ave Eugene, OR, 97401
United States
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If I could write away sorrow

Let ink leach from the pen I hold

Onto paper and create a landscape

Where there was a barren wasteland

And that landscape was an oasis

And no one could fight in there

And instead everyone was embraced

By the healing waters of ink and paper

I would.


If I could press my lips to the world

Every person’s cheek would be kissed

And they would smile just once

A perfect harmony of laughter

And my kisses would heal them

Without the bitter taste of penicillin

And our context in the universe

Would finally become clear

I would.


I remind myself of reality sometimes

Fantasy is not a part of this world

Just as air is not to breathe

Fantasy is our stronghold and hope

Otherwise we are alone, trapped

A thousand light years and universes away

From anything worth anything

Fantasy and hope and dreams?

I would.


When dark and salty winds blow near

When tears and anger are in your mouth

Lick your wounds and smile at the stars

They inflict pain because they don’t know

Throw your middle finger to the Milky Way

And hold your fellow humans in your arms

For they too are wondering and hoping

They too are crying and angry at our context

I would.



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