Eyes that reflect our core introspection, visions, and convictions.

Delusions I, as a child, have embodied three to two quarters of my adolescence. Logical to emotional; perspective runs three-sixty. Elliptical to one who has not orbited to another's degree.

What is purpose? What is love? What is the ultimate of each lifestyle? 

Delusions I, as a child, lived happily. Smiles that only my mother would see after a sixteen hour shift, broken bottles of Hennessy I'd clean four to as many as eight years young can lift. What was a child to understand what a normal family was? Did we have a dog? Yes, many. Did we have a big backyard? So spacious I could hide all my ex boyfriends' bodies! Love was aberration, cheating, and ultimately forgiveness. As witnessed by adolescent eyes, what was wrongfully glorified?

Love was not belittlement nor infidelity, love was forgiveness after belittlement and infidelity. Love came in degrees of gratitude and selfishness. A father that chose to mend his childhood broken family over  his family that is inevitably loosening at the seams. 

Love as daughter was forgiving her father for his mistakes

Love as an insignificant child to her father was mere plead 

Love as a grown woman was understanding.

Aged Souls Gift Liberation To Themselves

Envisioning is to test capability, as testing capability is to turn a vision into solid reality. The degree of ambition one has is solely based on one's self-worth. A child once frigid and naive, now more than capable of finding truth to delusions that intruded the premature mind. 

Searching is to awaken a dormant epiphany, as epiphanies are to selflessly sonder. What is taboo to an old soul exactly? Not many atavistic human behaviors, but more likely apathy for compassion and the entertainment of suffering. 

For I see the balance in both suffering and compassion. The balance of ignorance and understanding. 

Each matter of living and prospering body reflects one another, mirrored ideas fostered into regression. Mutual to parasitic relationships that transcend into greater meaning that only condones interpersonal intricacies to be interpreted by one's philosophy. 


To redefine the word "bystander" in ways where action is added post-standing characterizes one's nature in transcendence. Tell yourself:

"I am significant." Yes, one is very significant. How can one be not if they choose to optimistically pour cereal without the knowledge of knowing if there is milk? 

Lastly, tell yourself:

"I am Universal." You are the very product of your own experience. Every little struggle, fight, loss, achievement, charitable act, and acts of dishonest and honesty make you, well human.




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