United We Stand

United You Stand-



With crisp Caps-

and leaden Boots-

Ready to Depart For Battle:


United You Climb-



With glaring Suns-

and burdened Gear-

Ready to Greet Battle:


United You Fight-



With deafening Fires-

and your Homes in your Hearts-

Ready to Win the Battle:


And you do it All for Us


For the Families back Home-

who are Proud

and Wait for a Return:


For the Friends back Home-

whose Words 

always Encourage You:


For Your Neighbors-

And the Strangers-

And all the Ones you Haven't Met Yet-


You do it All to Protect Us-

and Shield Us-

 For the Better Tomorrows;


Although I might Not Know Names-

Or Recognize Faces-

I Know your Arms-

and I can See your Hearts-


Disciplined and Trained;

Powerful and Resilient;

Passionate and Brave;


United Hearts


And I Thank You-


and She does-

and He does-

And your Families do-

And your Friends too-


For Everything you Do-


Because United We Stand-

Supporting You.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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