Sat, 04/27/2013 - 16:24 -- Shauni


United States
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"Americans are weak," they say.
And why shouldn't they?
Bad things occur.
And people just say sure.
No big deal.
We've learned not to feel.
They don't look around.
For fear of being drowned.
Other peoples' issues.
Belong in that garbage can full of dirty tissues.
They don't stop.
Or cry even a drop.
They move on.
Like life is a con.
Whether your rich or poor.
You're always sore.
But some of us are different.
We give the world a brighter tint.
A bomb goes off.
Sure, we sputter and cough.
But only to get the smoke out of our chest.
Then we do our best.
Do a good deed.
So that others may feed.
Feed off our positivity.
And create a scene, like the nativity.
We don't quit.
Or have a fit.
Bad things occur.
But that's when the best of us stir.
We are the true Americans, yes.
We don't accept anything less.
And true Americans don't give in.
Or allow their soul to recede into sin.
Instead, we stand.
Above the rest, to lend a hand.
And we remember forever.
What brought us together.
Even buried beneath a building or deep in the sand.
United we stand.




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