The day I came into the world I was purple.

My skin changed as the days went by.

Light to dark in a flash. 

My hair began to change, straight to curly.

I could feel people's eyes on me, everywhere I walked.

Through the streets, people looked at me as if their face were saying... What is that thing?

Mutt. They mutter Mutt. I am not a dog.

I don't bark, or bite.

Insecure I tortured my hair, changed my ideals, became colorless.


Why do this to myself? Why try and fit in to look like everybody else?

No. No I won't do it.

Mutt, what does that mean? Just because my father is lighter and my mother is darker.

Mixed not Mutt, I have the same cells and organs as the person next to me.

College, supposedly measuring our intelligence.

Yet they call me black. Not Mutt, not even mixed. 

Why? Because my hair is curly and my skin is brown.

Shame. Shame to the world for stereotyping this curly haired girl.

Mixed not mutt or black. 

If my ancestors range from one side of the Earth to the other; tell me whats the matter with that?

Mixed, not Mutt or black. 




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