Uniform and Musket

My position I cannot defend
I call upon no precedent
No reason that I should pretend
To be someone I'm not
But passing years make memories dearer
I want to see the picture clearer
"Half-sick of shadows" in the mirror
Like the Lady of Shalott

Too much a lady, I suppose
But ladies are not only clothes...
I want to learn what a grandfather knows
Just for a day or two
This is my true heart's desire
To face the smoke and feigning fire
And sleep at night so miserably tired
What my books can never do

How grand to feel, if but in part
The history written on my heart
Though he be not my counterpart
Someone I could never be
I can only hope; only pray
That maybe there will come a day
I'll march within his shoes a way
And live a memory.


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