For the unheard

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 13:27 -- Dbunch1

Child get up ! 

Don't let the words get to you !

you're beautiful and strong !

child do something big !

momma told me I'm gonna take the world by storm !

child you're blessed and you're no different !

anything they can do you can do !

child wipe those tears and pick back up them aids !

Scratch that ! You are different ! God made you different an special!

You gonna see that you were made to make an impact

see that girl crying cause she feels alone?

that boy eating lunch because the other kid laugh at his hearing aids ?

reach out to them ! 

Why distance yourself ?

a disability isn't a step back ! It's a step beyond any measures !

i write to you !

 I write to the boy eating alone 

the girl crying 

I write to my younger days of putting my aids in my pockets and missing days of class

i write To reach out 

i write to tell you be yourself

once I find out that people are gonna love you for you

and that my disability may be a hardship but I can overcome those hardships

once I realize that I needed my aids and without them I would struggle

once I realize that stereotypes were non existant

once I saw my beauty , and talents God blesses me with

i realize , who I am

i write to you , to him , and myself

put back in those aids and take the world by storm ! 


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