A mother, daughter, sister and wife,

Doesn’t she deserve to live a happy life?

A gift so rare since her birth,

Still, not everyone knows how much this beautiful gem is worth,

A girl child is the greatest gift you will ever receive,

Yet some people celebrate in grief,

Tossing her to the sides they regretfully say,

‘UGH, I wish you were never born this way,’

She is a blessing sent from heaven,

Still, why does everyone question her presence,

Bringing joy, cheerfulness and peace on earth,

She is a person which even a god would search,

From time to time she bears the pain,

Of repeated nagging, again and again,

‘Why do you need to study, have a good education,’

‘Just stay home and cook, after all you need a man to enhance the nation,’

Orders like this, she has to obey,

But even after that, she wakes up with hope every single day,

Isn’t it time to stop this discrimination once and for all,

Because if we don’t our future will sure fall,

Its time we revolt, rise together and fight,

To make all the wrong things right,

Raise your voices and make sure they’re heard,

To bring a change to all those defeated ones in the world,

Tell them, to widen your eyes and take triumph in her birth,

For she is the girl child! An angel living on this Earth.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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