The Unforgiving Journey

Sun, 01/10/2021 - 08:41 -- zia1


It's a journey of delema.

A journey that will never be forgotten,

A journey that froze the heart,

A journey that burns the tears in the eyes,

Making the body over weight,

Making the feet loosen gravity.

Here I come calling your names out in scream,

It's really an unbearable situation,

Where I can't change the nature condition,

You are really on a journey of an endless good bye,

I can't stop saying, installed in my heart.

Today is you I'm seeing static,

Making my life at stake

They all know our love ain't fake

But today u are found no more.

What an unforgiving journey,

That separate the two loving birds,

Ready to tie the knot willingly,

Just to make there life fruity,

My love for you till eternity.

©Zia The Great

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