Unfinished Essay

I should be doing my work

I have an essay due in 12 minutes

Yet I’m writing this

A poem I guess?

I don’t really know

Just staring at the crack on the ceiling

Not knowing what to write

Oh look I’ve wasted 2 minutes

I feel accomplished

I really shouldn’t though

Because now my essay is due in 10 minutes

And I have written is the title

Now staring at my paper

Willing the words to write themselves

Looking at the clock

I see I have 5 minutes left

I look around seeing my classmates

Just writing away

While I just stare at my paper

Listening to the clock tick away my time

Why can’t my pen write the words for me?

It’s doing a really good job holding down the desk

I’m scared to look at the clock

I still look though

I have 2 minutes I still haven’t written anything

Should at least write my name

And done…. Still don’t have my essay written

Looking back I only have 1 minute

As I hear the pens scratching across paper

And the clock ticking away the seconds

I find myself staring at the crack on the ceiling

Apparently we have 30 seconds left

The teacher starts talking

Forcing myself to look away from the ceiling

I hear that not everyone is done

That we’re taking the essay home to finish

Looks like I’m gonna be doing some more staring.

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