Unexpected Love

Sometimes the people you fall in love with, arent the people that you expect. 

But you can't expect the people that you fall in love with.

Falling in love is something that happens out of the blue, and you might not realize it.

First, you begin to get excited when you're around them, and their presence makes you happy.

But the second they're not there, it's like you lost a bit of your happiness from that day.

You then begin to constantly wonder how they are, and how their day is going.

You can't stop thinking.

Before you know it, they're literally all you think about every single day.

You begin to think about the little things about them and it makes you smile more than you thought it would.

You begin to think about the color of their eyes and how it always seems to sparkle in the sunlight.

You think about their smile and the small dimples that form at their cheeks and how they slightly squint. 

You think about their laugh and how their giggle makes your heart melt. 

Every little thing begins to submerge in your mind and you can't help but smile to it

You can't help but realize that this one human being is the source of your entire happiness.

And before you know it, you're in love.

And it wasnt with the person that you'd expect. 

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