Undignified gene

Mon, 11/12/2018 - 20:44 -- Tanu

Diving in the oceans of my own sins
I did found myself banging at that old tin.
Shedding in anger of the lost hopes
Heart did crave to surrender to that ugly cop.

By being the suspect of every crime
The mind never really cared when did it hit nine.
In the foggy streets of unstopable hatred.
Those temporary mists proved not even the holy is sacred.

In the vast oceans of temporary sympathies
The actual emotions always buzzed behind as bees.
Those bluntly visible scars still have a lot to say
Those judge with genes still have a life to discover.

Maybe the judgement came with the gender and the judge with genes.
And maybe thats why did the destiny lead me the clouds in the obscene world.


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