"Undertsanding who I truly am"

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 18:54 -- bcokere

The word “THUG” is just an idea that's meant to illustrate the mindset of what's within.. Them

It's just a word yet has so much power when I scream it I feel thin

My ideas, messages can never be fully comprehended

When I open my mouth to speak I have already been condemned

The message has no value, the power has no value and the strength?

It's just there

I am a thug because I wear a black hoodie with ripped jeans and gold timberlands

I am forced to look forward and  pretend I am not in anger with society and shake hands

What has this world become?

You think you have power because you have a degree?

How can it be when you have no heart, it's simply just empty

We claim we are free

How can we be free when we cannot flee?

THis society is slowly killing me

It's pathetic because the same hand that is supposed to protect me

Is the same one trying to end me

I am a thug because I don’t wear suits and ties

I walk how I want, when I want even when night cries

But it's because of my physical difference that you hate me

I hate it because you can’t be honest with me

The hate you give is really what you’ve bestowed on me

I was trying so hard to be patient, hoping society would understand me

I thought it took 2 to make a  relationship

But here we are and I’m on my own crying and your living your best life

You question me as if we are married and you are my wife


I’ve kept quiet for too long but that bullet sunk deep and now I’m suddenly strong

B/c I’ve been quiet for too long. Trying to keep the peace

But it's clear you want war

Here the protest begins because just like you think you have power

I have more, I have family and friends

Us together verses you, we stand united

I know you hate me now society but you can’t fight it

b/c we both know I’m being honest

Make a change now or we both are goners

Choose the right path,

BC for ONCE I never stood at the CORNER!!!


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Our world
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