Underneath the Unexpected


United States
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The road became smooth carrying you through the days. The path never veered. You could see ahead to where you wanted to go, all seemed clear. You continued to walk toward the next curve, the next turn, the next fork, for no life is truly lived without understanding the contrast that life brings. You did not rush to find the next unexpected, but you knew you had to come to it sooner or later, for it most likely waited around the next turn, it most likely was giving you time to enjoy.

But soon your standing up, wiping dirt from your face. You are confused, how did this happen? It all seemed so clear. You look back and see the unexpected, you see what you never knew was there. There it lay overturned. You walk towards it determined to rid it from your path. Put there is lay overturned and beneath it lay something new.

You don't know what it is, or even what it could be or why it would be there. Underneath the unexpected you found something you never thought you would.

Underneath the unexpected you dug deeper uncovering a secret.

Underneath the unexpected you dig and dig till your fingers bleed.

Underneath the unexpected is where you will find the nothing of everything, the anything you need, the something you never thought existed.

So you keep on digging, digging, digging, digging...


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