Under The Sea


United States

Under the sea

Where the fish roam free

Oh, what a beauty it is

When it's not polluted.

How can we stop the pollution when it's coming from our own land?

Let's not make our oceans so bland.

With eye-striking coral reefs, marine life, and serenity

Let's not make pollution a tendency.

Cheap and easy to dispose of waste, but this is no human dump site!

It is a home for over millions of species, a home that is polluted by us.

Switch roles and you may realize

That our oceans are civilized!

Imagine hundreds of thousands of pounds being dumped into your home

Killing off your friends, family, and habitat

Doesn't sound too pleasant?

Well it isn't, more like a depressant.

If this abuse does not stop

You can expect a big slop.

It will change the chemical make up of the ocean; kill off the base of food chains and marine life.

Let's make ocean pollution a big strife.





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