Under the Influence


United States
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There once was a bright young student
Once was at an Early College School
Didn’t have any problems at all
Until he got played for a fool.
One day hanging with the friends
Getting ready for the end of the week
His bro hands him a little something
Saying “it’s only a little weed.”
Chris screaming “why me”
As if it was out of the blue
Friend stuttering “because it’s Friday
You ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got nothing to do.
Chris said he didn’t want to do it
Said he didn’t want to take part in that junk
Friend just looked at him and laughed
Said “boy I knew you was a punk.”
Now Chris is mad and determined
Ready to prove his friend wrong
Looked that drug in the eye
He was ready to take it on strong.
Without hesitation, Chris takes the weed
With lighter in hand ready to get it on
Next thing you know
He goes into this whole other zone.
Can’t hear, see, think straight
Or focus at all
Chris comes back to the school
Getting loud and climbing all off the walls.
All of a sudden
The principal hears a noise
Thinking to herself
“What’s with all these boys?”
Here she comes out of her office
Fe Fi Fo Fum
Points her eyes towards Chris
He standing there looking all dumb.
She called Chris into the office
With her deep voice intact
Little did Chris know
There was a cop waiting to attack.
He walks into the room and
There is a video onscreen
Principal and cop staring him down
What exactly does this mean?
Now he’s getting questioned
With a look of despise
But under the influence
His answers weren’t very wise.
He once again glanced at the screen
Reliving a thought
Part of him knowing
That he had got caught.
Now on to his next wonderful journey
On to C.E.P.
The teenage version of jail
With a lock and no key.
Yeah that’s right he’s gone
He’s been kicked out the door (doe)
To think it all could’ve been avoided
If he had just said no.
But maybe it won’t be so bad
Maybe not as tragic
But 10 years from now
You’ll hear
“Paper or Plastic?”


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