The Undeniable Me


That person behind the camera

Who has black hair

Who has really bad grammar

Who talks with a corky flair


That person who always hides

Who is a nervous wreck

Who never takes sides

Who has a short neck


That person who acts so shy

While being straight forward

Who has small eyes

Who can never be bothered


That person in the corner

Who has too many secrets

Who can only murmur

Who thinks she is a genius


That person is the real me

The me who I am at home

The me who is free

The me who sings into a comb


I may hide behind a mask consisting of makeup and lies

Always trying to please everyone around

Especially the guys

Who always wind up knocking me down


I swear like an educated sailor

I dress like a dancer from a nightclub

I am sometimes a hater

I never clean up


I like to procrastinate

I like to dance with my imaginary partner

I am easy to fascinate

I am an amateur archer


While I may hide behind filters

The real me sometimes gets out

Then the party starts and never stops



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