I have hope that one day 
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary
Will have a definition
Displayed prominently at the top
Instead of "selfie" or "twerk"
It will be something 
That makes people stop
"The word of 2024 is Katherine-King!"
Under it will be a description
Including every little thing 
All the details that make me myself
That make me beautiful
And are entirely irrefutable 
It's not that I'm confused
I can name off several traits
Funny, endearing, ridiculous 
Sweet, strong, meticulous 
No, this is not up for debate
Yes, I know who I am
But I have no way to say 
Just what makes me tick 
From day to day 
So for future reference 
Don't ask me my name
I'll say, "Insert term here!"
Or something else equally insane
One day I'll figure out my definition
I have no doubt 
And when I do
World, you better watch out
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